#4 To be frank: Enrich your EGO

#4 To be frank: Enrich your EGO

Vanity, arrogance, dogmatism, superiority – we all let our own needs for attention and affirmation get in our way in discussions. We don’t listen or let people finish and then we attack our opponent’s arguments even though we have only half understood them. That’s no way to get to the root of the problem or work on a solution.

A hunger for affirmation stands in our way because it is never satisfied and distracts us from the substance of what is going on. However, having a healthy ego can help. If you know your worth and are confident in it, you can get to grips with the real issue. Be at peace with yourself and enrich your ego, make space for those important to you, really pay attention to others and win respect. That is how to solve the problem.

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